Google Translate Serbian Device - Must Human Translators Be Concerned?

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Published: 08th December 2010
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"Machine translation". Translators shudder to hear these phrases! It is partly in disgust, due to a firmly-held belief that a pc will certainly not change a superior human translator (like us!), partly since we are terrified stiff that it will! So we both vehemently deprecate machine translation, or we very carefully skirt about the subject and hope, for instance, that our clients won't locate out about the Serbian-English-Serbian translation device, just lately manufactured offered for no cost by the almighty Google (link beneath)!

Simply because the actuality is that Google's translation instrument, which now supplies automatic translation into English of Serbian internet sites and of duplicate-pasted blocks of Serbian textual content, is definitely surprisingly excellent (we will not focus on Google's English-Serbian translation device in this write-up, i.e. the reverse route, as it is pretty awful appropriate now)!

Relatively than acting as if it didn't exist, we assume it is much better to get this topic out in the open and examine its implications for the purchasers of translation organizations and for the translation marketplace in general. So this will be the very first in what is planned to be a series of articles or blog posts looking at automatic and machine translation, both in the context of Serbian-English translation and of translation in normal. In this article we will search briefly at the top quality of Google's automated Serbian-English translation and clarify why we do not believe translators and translation companies functioning in the Serbian-English pair need to be also involved for their livelihoods appropriate now.

An illustration of Google's Serbian English translation

Let's carry out a tiny experiment initial. We took a paragraph of Serbian text (taken from a Serbian Wikipedia write-up) and pasted it into the Google Serbian-English translation device.

A human translation from the Serbian to English would study something like this:

A translation memory is comprised of segments of text in the source language and of their translation into a single or much more target languages. These segments can be passages, paragraphs, sentences or phrases. Person words are not handled by translation memories, these are dealt with by terminology bases. Investigation has shown that a lot of organizations making use of multilingual documents use translation memory-primarily based methods.

Within a handful of seconds, Google Translate outputs the subsequent translation into English:


Translation memory consists of segments of the text in the original language and their translation into one or far more goal languages. These segments can be passages, paragraphs, sentences or phrases. Individual phrases are not in the discipline of translation memory, but they deal with terminoloske database. Analysis shows that numerous firms have multilingual documentation methods utilized to translating memory.


Can you comprehend it? Aside from a handful of complications the translator had in identifying passive/energetic constructions and an unknown phrase, of program you can! It's surely a lot far better than any Serbian-English machine translation device we've experimented with ahead of. If you look at what an previous-style machine translation (which shall stay nameless) did to this paragraph, perhaps you can commence to appreciate how great Google Translate is:

Prevodilacka store sastoji oneself off segmenata textual on izvornom jeziku also njihovog prevoda on unity whether or not about ciljanih jezika. These segmenti may possibly lie flinders,pasusi,recenice whether or not fraze. Pojedinacne reci did not of domenu prevodilacke memorije,vec oneself to them bave terminoloske baze. Istra%u017Eivanja pokazuju ought mnoge kompanije wo there are visejezicku dokumentaciju koriste sisteme with prevodilackom memorijom.


I beg your pardon? That was meant to be English, in case you have been asking yourself! And NO, we did not physician this in any way! Also, if any person can inform us what "flinders" are, then they know far more Middle English than we do!

Google Translate is possibly not as profitable with all texts as it was with this one, but it is surely a significant improvement about the over instance in virtually all situations! So perhaps translators need to assume twice just before discounting machine translation from Serbian to English (and other languages, if this is anything to go by).

What can make Google Translate different?

Google's program is a tiny various to earlier machine translations in that it makes use of a statistical approach to analyse present translations from Serbian to English and applies what it has discovered to the new textual content. Previous-model techniques merely use a dictionary to translate texts phrase-for-word by "brute force" and tend not to be extremely profitable.

Demise-knell for human translators?

So are we insane to tell you all this? Following all, translation businesses depend on the (paid) work of human translators! What occurs if all your purchasers go off and begin making use of Google Translate totally free of charge? Certainly, we have by now viewed examples of beginner translators supplying "translations from Serbian into English" that have clearly been carried out working with this instrument! It is only a subject of time ahead of translation businesses commence getting "beforehand-translated" texts (texts that suspiciously resemble Google translations!) from clientele and currently being asked to "just proof-go through this" for a charge significantly decrease than a translation from scratch would cost.

Effectively, we would like to discuss about a couple of motives why you and your clientele should know about Google Translate for Serbian and English and why we believe translation organizations need to have not dread for their enterprise:

  1. A translation business enterprise really should value transparency and search for to function inside of the realities of the market place - it does not make prolonged-phrase organization sense to "hide" worthwhile assets like this from our customers! Besides, they will locate out about it sooner or later! Quite, we really should accept the reality that instruments this kind of as this convey to the translation industry - the marketplace will usually be modifying and we need to have to be ready to adapt, not cling to an outdated reality.

  2. We really should want our customers to use Google Translate for Serbian-English translation! Right after all, the vision of a translation organization need to be to allow their customers to communicate with other markets and cultures. So if this device helps a consumer who only understands English to recognize a textual content in Serbian, then you have surely gone some way to attaining this vision!

  3. But the core of the situation and the explanation translation businesses have absolutely nothing to "fear" from Google Translate is what you have been suspecting all along: computerized, automatic translation is not heading to exchange specialist human translation from Serbian to English (or any other language) any time soon. Or let's phrase it as a question: would you, as the advertising supervisor of, say, a Serbian company wanting to do company in the West, entrust the translation of your site or of your corporate magazine into English to a machine translation device? The straightforward actuality is that, no, you would not.
    This is not essentially to knock automated translation equipment - they are following all a gentle target for us superior human translators! They may possibly well have their purposes, and we may talk about this in an additional post. This is merely to say that any enterprise that is severe about a provided market place, provided the latest quality of machine translation, will settle only for a skilled, human translation of their promotional components. Right after all, we mentioned Google's Serbian English translation was great, but it's not THAT good! In simple fact it's not virtually great sufficient.


Possibly in a long run report we will also take a appear at some of the differences in between machine translation and human translation and investigate some of the factors why, despite the exceptional advances, and the constructive points we have stated about Google Translate, automatic translation computer software is not presently a severe option for specialist translation - from Serbian to English or in any other language mixture - and why it may possibly never ever be. Certainly, we have some deep issues about achievable misuses of a device like this, in an atmosphere in which even now translation is typically not taken critically sufficient.

In the meantime though, check out the instrument and possibly open up a whole new planet of translated Serbian net material that you could not access prior to! Attempt Google Serbian-English and English-Serbian translation
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